Nov 07

Marina Badalona launches a participatory process on the new plan of uses of the port SEE MORE

Marina Badalona begins on November 8 an informative process and citizen participation on the strategic lines of the modification of the Special Plan for the development of the general port system of the city, better known as Plan of uses, to present to the main agents of Badalona the new proposal of the port and have the opinion and collaboration of the citizenship.

The objective of these new strategic lines of the plan is to adapt the uses to the new needs and future of a port that wants to open even more to the city and wants to contribute to promoting the economic and social development of Badalona and Barcelonés Norte.

With the changes that will be presented in these sessions, we want to show the will to create a modern, accessible and sustainable port at the service of the city, which is a pole of attraction of knowledge and talent, of development of the Blue Economy and of sports, tourism and cultural activity. The participation process will include the celebration of four face-to-face sessions that will take place in the port facilities. In this sense, on the 8th the session will be aimed at the operators of the port, on Wednesday 9 it will be the turn of the associations of neighbors and nearby residents, on the 10th it will be directed to the economic entities and on Saturday 12 it will be open to all citizens who want to participate.

In addition, Marina Badalona has created the website ( ) in which everyone who wants can make their contribution through a suggestion box that will be open until November 20. The final report of this informative and participatory process will be presented in December of this year and later the document of the Special Plan of Uses will be written. It is expected that during the second half of 2023 the initial approval will proceed and in 2024 it will be definitively approved.

In addition to the participatory process, Marina Badalona has organized an exhibition on the history of the port and the main characteristics of the use plan. This exhibition can be visited in the nautical activities room of the port, located on the North pier, until November 30.

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