Nov 08

The fleet of the Nao Victoria Foundation stops in Badalona and the Pascual Flores schooner offers departures on the weekend

Badalona hosts until Sunday three ships that spread around the world the importance of the recovery and maintenance of maritime culture from the reproduction and activity on board classic boats. These are the Galeón Andalucía, the Nao Victoria and the Pascual Flores schooner.


The Pascual Flores schooner is an original 1917 ship that was restored in 2008, which each season sails thousands of miles around Spain and Europe. With a length of 34 meters and a manca of 8.60 m, in its origins it was dedicated to the export of fruits, salt and cabotage in general both by the ports and anchorages of Mediterranean, and on the north and west coast of Africa

. Currently it is dedicated to sailing trips with public, sea baptisms along the coast of an approximate duration of three hours. This is the proposal for Badalona for Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November. They are set at 10.00h and 16.00h, they must be booked directly on the Foundation’s website, in this link


The places for each departure are 35 people, so the recommendation of the organization is to book with agility. They are made directly on the website of the Foundation, which manages these outings with Vela Cuadra. Information and reservations of the conditions: navigating to the ticket sales box with the reference Festival to Badalona.

The Pascual Flores is the most different boat from the other two boats in the Port of Badalona, the Galeón Andalucía and the Nao Victoria. And it is that the schooner is not part of the Foundation’s own heritage but belongs to the City Council of Torrevieja that has an agreement with the Foundation to be part of the tours of its fleet promoting tourism and and the culture of the city of Levante and to share the history of the pailebotes as transporters of salt.

The schooner Pascual Flores, the Galeón Andalucía and the Nao Victoria will call at the Port of Badalona from Monday 7 in the afternoon until Sunday 11, when they return from the last navigation with public, and come from a similar stay in the Port of Arenys a few days ago and will go to the Port Vell of Barcelona,  coinciding with the schooner Göteborg.

The most spectacular of the three ships, due to its dimensions, is the Galeón Andalucía, a replica of the seventeenth-century boats that was built in 2010 with a length of 55 meters, 10.09 beam and a sail area of 930 m2. The boat recalls the commercial and cultural routes made between Spain, America and the Philippines and can not be visited or will not sail in this appointment in Badalona.


The Nao Victoria completes the shortlist. It was built expressly for the Universal Exhibition of Seville in 1992, and is 26 meters long and 7 meters wide, with a sailing area of 290m2. It has a great importance in the history of navigation because it is a replica of the ship with which Juan Sebastián Elcano made the first round the world (1519-1522) of which 500 years are now fulfilled. In this landfall you can not visit, but work is being done to close a visit of more days with Open Doors and Activities


In this sense, it should be noted that the city is preparing for the first weekend of the May Festival, on May 6 and 7, a Festival of the Sea that will concentrate classic boats of these characteristics, among which, obviously, the Queche Ciutat Badalona will act as host. Among the classics that have already been confirmed is the Santa Eulàlia schooner, from the Museu Marítim de Barcelona, – very similar to Pascual Flores – an entity that forms part of the organizing team of the meeting in Badalona

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