Feb 03

The Mayor of Badalona checks the progress of environmental regeneration works at the future site of the railway diversion platform and part of the dredged canal

Rubén Guijarro, Mayor and Chair of Marina de Badalona SA, has confirmed that the works representing another step towards the completion of the canal in 2024 are progressing in line with the planned schedule. In the first part of his visit, he confirmed that the platform above Carrer Eduard Maristany that will be used for the railway diversion is already free of sand affected by old industrial infill not compatible with urban use. In line with the prior diagnosis, it is now being refilled with sand in good condition extracted from the canal for reuse. Once the new railway viaduct comes into operation and the diversion is dismantled, this area will become a walkway for pedestrians and will therefore need to meet the required environmental quality. The Mayor and Chair of Marina de Badalona has been accompanied, among others, by the Vice-Chair of the company and sixth deputy mayor, Christian Carneado; the Councillor representing district 7, Anna M. Lara Carmona; the president of the Gorg Residents’ Association, Teresa Vinuesa; and the manager of Marina de Badalona, Imanol Sanz.

To bring the land to be used for the railway diversion back up to the correct level, sand from the canal is being used. This will make the first 250 metres of this feature look much more like it will in future, when it will be filled with water. The second part of the visit focused on this area. In the course of the dredging, which will dig out 26,300 m3 of sand, materials mixed with water affected by hydrocarbons and chemicals such as naphtha have emerged, as expected given the historical past of an area once occupied by heavy industries. These are being treated appropriately in accordance with the approved plan and current regulations.
These materials do not pose any risk to health or of any other kind, but they emit smells that may arouse some alarm. They are quickly neutralised by combining the sand with wood and pine needle waste and by placing them in hermetically sealed drums. All these works, identified as “Remedial work and subsequent embankment of the subsoil from sectors 4.1. and 4.2 (1st phase) and the canal of Area A of the Special Plan of the Port of Badalona”, are being monitored by assessment committees consisting of officers from different authorities. One of the people who took part in the visit was Teresa Vinuesa, Chair of the Gorg Residents’ Association, who received explanations from the technical staff who are managing the remedial work.

Guijarro also confirmed the progress in the construction of a 250-metre pipe that will recirculate all the water from the beginning of the canal to the end of the North Quay of the Port of Badalona, where work is currently being carried out. This environmental measure will allow for controlled renewal of these waters until the viaduct is built and the canal is connected to the main dock.

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